Miami Children’s Injury Lawyer

Attorney Brandon Stein believes that any party responsible for the harm of a child needs to be punished to the furthest extent possible. Any parent whose child has been harmed and is considering filing a child injury case should contact his offices immediately for a free consultation and to possibly begin planning a lawsuit.

Prone to Injury

Children are, sadly, prone to accidental injuries. They are constantly running, jumping, climbing, and chasing each other. They also lack a developed sense of what is dangerous, leading to a good deal of accidents. Some accidents are no-one’s fault, but others can be caused by someone’s negligence.

The person, people, or company responsible for a child’s injury due to negligent actions can come in many forms. They may be the staff at a childcare facility; a teacher, a psychologist, another professional, or anyone else entrusted with the safety and care of children. If the actions of any of these people lead to the harm of a child, they may be sued for damages in a child injury case.

Children’s preventable injuries can come in many different forms. They can be as simple as twisted ankles due to badly-maintained grounds or broken bones suffered from a fall from an unsafe area. More complex cases may involve defective products that cause injuries or negligent supervision resulting in the child’s harm

Vulnerable to Harm

Sadly, children are vulnerable to more than just accidental injuries. They can also be assaulted by twisted individuals. In such a case, a parent may be able to file a child injury case on top of the criminal case being pursued against the defendant.

Any time a child is assaulted, the authorities need to be contacted immediately. Only after the immediate danger is dealt with should a parent contact an attorney to discuss pursuing legal options.

Proving Negligence

One of the vital aspects of winning any type of injury case is proving the defendant’s negligence. This can be especially difficult in cases of child injury where the child’s testimony or explanation of how the injury occurred may not be clear. It can also be hard to determine exactly where negligence lies: Were children left unsupervised? Were they put in an unsafe situation? Did they have access to defective items? Determining who needs to be held responsible can be difficult.

One of the most common places where children’s injuries occur is at school. However, when this happens, it can be difficult to place responsibility for the injury exactly where it needs to be. Negligence may be brought against the school or against a specific individual, depending on the specifics of the case. Public schools are also considered governmental agencies, requiring special procedures to be followed when filing a lawsuit against them.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to win any kind of injury case without proving negligence. This is one of the reasons parents need to contact a lawyer quickly after the incident occurs: so evidence can be gathered while things are still fresh and slow-moving inquiries can be started early enough.

Brandon Stein is well aware of the difficulties inherent in child injury cases. When a parent brings such a case to our offices, we make time to oversee them personally so they can receive the most expert help available. Parents will receive compassionate, professional help as we review the details of their cases for free to determine what their legal options are. No fees will be charged to the parents unless their case is won.