Slips, Trips, and Falls on Miami Commercial Premises

Slip, trip, and fall cases on commercial property happen for a variety of reasons. These are often the property owner’s fault and make that individual liable for a personal injury case. If a person is injured due to poorly-maintained conditions or conditions that the owner failed to warn customers about, those patrons can likely file a claim for personal injury.

Explaining Slips, Trips, and Falls

While slip, trip, and fall cases are often mentioned together, they actually refer to two different types of accidents. Slip and fall accidents occur when a person slips on a floor that is unsafe due to it being wet, greasy, or oily. Trip and falls happen when a person is injured due to some problem that caused him or her to trip, such as missing stairs or uneven floors.

Both types of accidents can cause serious injuries that possibly lead to a loss of faculties or even death. The most common injuries that result from slip or trip and fall cases include hip fractures, injuries to the head, neck or back, spinal damage, and many more. Elderly people and children are especially prone to slip, trip, and fall accidents, and elderly people are more likely to suffer a fatal accident than anyone else.

What Constitutes Commercial Property

Commercial property comes in an amazing variety of types, shapes, and sizes. Legally speaking, commercial property is any property that exists specifically to generate income for its owners. Examples of commercial property include restaurants, shopping centers, parking lots, industrial buildings, hospitals, stadiums, cinemas, and gas stations.

Damages Pursued in Slip, Trip, and Fall Cases

The damages normally pursued in slip or trip and fall cases are the same as those in other personal injury or wrongful death cases. These include compensation for expenses and lost income, payment for pain and suffering, and compensation for loss of companionship, wages, or guidance.

Negligence in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases

One of the most critical parts of any personal injury or wrongful death case (which slip, trip and fall accidents on commercial property are commonly filed as) is proving negligence. Proving the injury’s existence is easy enough usually, as is proving where and when it happened. Convincing a court of how an injury occurred is a little more challenging, but the hardest part is usually proving the defendant’s responsibility for the accident.

However, slip, trip, and fall accidents that occur on commercial property usually benefit from a greater ease in proving negligence than in other types of cases. Often, there are a number of witnesses to an accident occurring in a commercial place—witnesses that can be extremely useful in proving negligence. Documenting the scene of the accident can be done easily in most commercial properties and may even be done by the property’s own security system.

However, the extra ease in proving negligence does not mean people pursuing a slip, trip, and fall case on commercial property can get away with subpar legal representation. Companies that own commercial property may have teams of lawyers to defend them, so anyone wanting to file such a case needs professional assistance of their own.

A person considering filing a slip, trip, and fall case in Miami or throughout Florida should contact attorney Brandon Stein. These services are available for anyone wishing to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. We make it a point to pursue maximum compensation for our clients. Anyone interested in a free review of their case should contact STEINLAW today at 786.766.8701.