Miami Electrical Injury Attorney

People who work around strong electrical currents expose themselves to immense danger. A strong enough current can disrupt the normal electrical signals in the body and cause the heart to stop beating. Weaker currents can still cause all types of havoc in the body, leading to muscle damage, burns, and more.

There are many safety procedures and unique types of equipment in place to keep people safe around sources of electricity, but when something goes wrong with these, people can be seriously injured. When that happens, the injured party can file a claim against the responsible party.

If the injury occurs to a person working on electrical equipment, he or she can likely file for worker’s compensation. Worker’s compensation will pay for the medical bills, loss of income, and more for a person who is injured on the job.

However, if a person suffers electrical injuries from an incident in conditions other than those covered by worker’s compensation, he or she may instead be able to file a personal injury claim. In a case where the person suffered fatal injuries from the electrical exposure, his or her family may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Exposure to Electricity

Exposure to electricity can come in a variety of situations. Lightning strikes cause electrical injuries, but it is difficult to file a claim against mother nature. Other ways a person can suffer electrical injuries include the handling of faulty appliances and contact with live wires in the home or elsewhere. Children may also suffer electrical injuries if they bite electrical cords or stick objects into electrical sockets.

Injuries Caused by Electricity

Electricity can cause a wide variety of damage to the human body, and some of it is not immediately obvious. Any person who suffers an electrical shock should see a medical professional, even if he or she appears to be perfectly fine.

Exposure to dangerous electrical currents can cause injuries such as:

  • Cardiac arrest from the electrical current disrupting normal heart function.
  • Death of muscles, nerves, and other tissues. This can occur all along the path the electricity takes through the body and may not be visible.
  • Heat burns at the site of electrical contact.

Liability for Electrical Injuries

Because people can sustain electrical injuries from many different sources and in various situations, proving a particular party liable for the injuries can be difficult. The court may hold the manufacturers of safety equipment, wires, appliances, tools or just about anything with a powerful enough electrical component responsible if the product is defective and injures someone.

If someone improperly installs electrical wires in a building, the contractor or electrician may be responsible for paying compensation to a person suffering electrical injuries for coming into contact with the faulty wiring.

Because cases involving electricity can be so complex—spanning multiple types of injuries, causes of harm, and different possibilities for negligent parties—the claimant must have expert legal counsel. Attorneys who are not familiar with the complexities of these cases may have difficulty pursuing the absolute fullest amount of compensation for their clients.

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